About ECK

East Cliff Kitchen is a foodie celebration of the best of local Kentish ingredients. We are convinced that – as well as being a more responsible way to eat – sustainable, high-welfare, low-mileage food just tastes better! Here on Folkestone’s East Cliff, we are completely spoiled.  On the one side we have the English Channel (on a clear day we can see France) and on the other, the Garden of England so we have our pick of incredible seafood and delicious fruit and vegetables all year round. We host pop-up ‘Locavore’ brunches and supper clubs, foodie parties and create bespoke events for local organisations including Folkestone Fringe and the Folkestone Triennial.
East Cliff Kitchen was created by artist, designer and chef, Cherry Truluck, as a way to explore the crossovers in the different strands of her practice through food and the joys of communal eating. As an artist, Truluck is particularly interested in the ideas of location/locality/locale and this crosses over into her cooking where she is passionate about locally sourced ingredients and researching the geographical and historical roots of the food and recipes she prepares. As a designer, Truluck creates spaces for performance and has long been fascinated by the ritual/performance of dining and the spaces where we eat.
Prior to establishing ECK, Cherry Truluck was the chef for Cockles on Folkestone’s Harbour Arm and ran the award-winning* Paramour Pie Club together with her husband, Peter Halpin.
*Taste of Kent Awards, Best Prepared Food and Kent Life Food and Drink Awards, Runner Up in Best Newcomer