Spring has sprung

Spring is here at last and our menu for the next pop-up at Space Bar & Gallery is a celebration of all the lovely new stuff! We’re also pickling and fermenting the winter root veggies and getting excited about leaves and buds.  In the fermenting jars at the moment, we have chard root and swede (rutabaga) with sea lettuce and chilli and cauliflower with ginger, whilst pickling away in the corner is a selection of lovely beetroot and pink blush shallots with herbs.

In the meantime, we just got a delivery of Rowan shoots and Birch sap from Forager – one of our favourite suppliers.  We forage ourselves where we can, but these guys have so much knowledge and skill.  The ethics of foraging are complex, it’s about respecting the environment as much as the landowner because wild food isn’t cultivated so you have to be sure you are not damaging it and preventing it from regenerating.  That’s why I turn to the professionals if I’m in any doubt. The Rowan shoots have an intensely almond-y flavour, so I and going to try to create an infused syrup to use in cocktails for the launch party of Normal Festival. The Birch sap is currently fermenting with a few raisins in the bottom as a catalyst.  I’ll keep tasting it and when it reaches a good point, i’ll pop in some lemon juice and freeze it till I need it.

Coming up…

We’re taking a couple of months off from our brunches to concentrate on a new project called Custom – more to come on that soon.  In the meantime though, there will still be plenty of opportunities to eat our food starting with a collaboration with Zoe Tallon in Peckham, who will be sharing family recipes and inspiration as we cook up a Ghanaian feast on 26th April.

We will be back to our modern British ways, with more than a hint of Nordic influence, popping up at Space Bar and Gallery in Folkestone on 1st and 2nd May and again at the Quarterhouse for Normal? Festival from 10th – 13th May.

See our events page for all the details you’ll need.

We’ll also be busy in our new allotment – and WHAT an allotment it is! SO expect home grown veg in the coming months.

photography by Bartle Halpin